To watch WWE content in the UK, here are some options based on the information provided in the web search results:

WWE Network Subscribers in the UK

If you were previously a WWE Network subscriber in the UK but can no longer access it through the WWE website, you may have been directed towards Peacock. However, it seems that Peacock’s catalogue may not offer the full WWE content for Sky customers through the Sky Go app.

Alternative Viewing Options

  1. BT Broadband with TNT
    • If you have BT Broadband, you might consider their basic package, which includes TNT, an option to access WWE content.
  2. WWE Network
    • Some users in the UK prefer using WWE Network, which offers access to Raw, Smackdown, documentaries, and other shows. However, there may be a one-month delay for Raw and Smackdown episodes.
  3. VPN Consideration
    • Be mindful that using a VPN might cause issues with accessing WWE Network content, so it’s important to check your VPN settings.

Peacock Availability

It’s important to note that Peacock’s availability for WWE content in the UK may be limited, and the catalogue might not be as extensive as WWE Network.

Peer Recommendations

Some users have expressed satisfaction with WWE Network for accessing documentaries, historical content, and catch-up shows, despite the delay in accessing Raw and Smackdown episodes.

Based on the available information, these are some of the options and considerations for watching WWE content in the UK. You can also stream wrestlemania 4o live stream using these steps.